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Dune Music

How hyped was I for Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE in 2021? So hyped that I took a deep ocean dive into music inspired by Dune — both Frank Herbert’s novels and David Lynch’s movie — and resurfaced with 91 hours of Dune-adjacent music.

An old-styley J-card for the audio cassette case — I had to package the flash drive in something.

That’s 91 hours of listenable music, by the way; I audited and tossed at least twice as much more.

Next, of course, was the selection of my favorite pieces for a 3-hour, 3-cd anthology. As with the J-card above, I collaged elements from the 1980s paperback (D), a 2010s reprint (U), the 1984 David Lynch movie poster (N), and that of rhe 2021 Denis Villeneuve remake (E). It was a Photoshop frenzy.

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