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History of Music Media

A visual timeline of the history of music, told through its physical media from 1877 to the present. This was part of my exhibition "The Art of Noise," which was on display in Renfro Library at Mars Hill University, NC, for the 2016-17 and…

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Music Media Formats

These two exhibit cases (and their accompanying "swoosh") feature a more granular look at the past 140+ years of physical music media than I was able to include in the wall-length Timeline. Mostly this is because the media are increasingly small as the timeline progresses,…

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Glory of the Gatefold

Record collectors and aficionados of packaging prowess know that the luxurious gatefold designs of vinyl LPs in the 1970s absolutely dominated... in terms of physical size if nothing else. This was part of my exhibition “The Art of Noise,” which was on display in Renfro…

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Bowie & Prince

2016 was a brutal year for pop fans of several generations, as we bid unexpected farewells to Prince and David Bowie. As a longtime fan of both, it was my obligation and honor to showcase some of their visuals in my music exhibition. Though I…

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Some “Art of Noise”

These are a few frames from my exhibition "The Art of Noise." Jim Flora was part of the vanguard of great LP cover designers of the 1950s and '60s. This frame features six of my favorites. Jim Flora LP covers Max Richter's Sleep unfolds over 8…

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Kiss me, you fool!

A themed collage of album covers from "The Art of Noise" exhibition (2016-18). It was satisfying to collect such a breadth of affection in such a small space, including diversity of race, age, and orientation. To accompany this frame, I showcased John Lennon and Yoko…

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