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The Connection

The Connection is a '60s Beat-era play about a bunch of musicians and junkies (with a Venn diagram overlap of near 100%) jamming, riffing, and freaking out while waiting for their man. I drew this poster image for a mid-'90s revival of the play in…

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Web slider widget

These images were all created for the Renfro Library website, specifically as 300 x 245 pixel images for a rotating slideshow widget. (No clickthroughs here as there are no higher-res versions.) Librarian Online CSCA New Books Game Night Login Tips Hours & Services

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The Boston Secession

The Boston Secession were (are?) a modern classical vocal group. For their debut season in 1998, I designed the poster for their two concerts, as well as print ads, tickets, and a gigantic quad-fold mailer/manifesto. They already had their logo. The rest was up to…

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Rad Red Amber Christmas Ale

The label is humorous but the booze was real. I was commissioned to design a label for someone who'd gotten so into home brewing in San Francisco in the '90s that they were sending all their friends and family this amber ale for Christmas. Gosh,…

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Game Night (Unplugged)

To coincide with an exhibition of board games, card games, and puzzles throughout history (but before home electronics!), Renfro Library launched an Unplugged Game Night for students in 2019. The event was a success and we repeated it in February 2020 with an even larger…

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Web 1.0 Archive

I have older websites. Much, much older. My older websites are no longer desirable. They are skeuomorphic, they abuse tables, their gifs are becoming more dither than image. But. I just can't say farewell forever to my old personal website designs, and the…

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