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Eurythmics Deluxe

Although Eurythmics’ albums were remastered and resold as “deluxe” reissues in 2005, RCA did a disappointing job of it. The remastering is at an ear-fatiguing brickwalled level, obliterating sonic detail; the multi-page booklets wasted most of their design space on full-bleed photos overlaid with pull quotes; and for contractual reasons they left out the 1984 soundtrack entirely. Oh, and they omitted dozens of B-sides.

So these are my fantasy football 2CD versions of each album, including the neglected 1984, sweeping up every official rarity and more. These are the tracklists (CD case backs) of each album and its bonus disc; while I strove to replicate the look-and-feel of each album via fonts & colors, I enjoyed each data-heavy CD tracklist as a unique design challenge.

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