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Growing Green (Season Cycle 1: Spring)

Kermette the Froglet wants to welcome you to the verdant world of Spring.

Season Cycle was conceived as a 4-CD set that I would mix, design and assemble almost in realtime, completing each CD by the advent of its season.

I decided that the title of each CD had to be a direct lyrical quote from one of its songs. From there, the theme of using lyrics that mention colors suggested itself; from there it was a short step to adopting those colors as design foundations. And the colors, in their way, suggested the animals who might become the series’ mascots.

I broke one of my audio compilation rules almost immediately, by including two songs from the same artist (XTC). But both songs are stellar and they both belong in Spring — I tried moving “Greenman” to summer but we all know that would have been a cheat — spring’s his thing. Anyway, I wound up breaking self-imposed graphic design rules later in the series, so in that spirit, things were off to a good start!

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